Issuing a passport to Georgian citizen abroad

A citizen of Georgia residing abroad can obtain a passport of Georgian citizen without arriving in Georgia. there are the following three ways to obtain a passport in such cases:

1. Georgia’s diplomatic missions and consular offices abroad issue a passport of the citizen of Georgia within 45 days from filing an application. A citizen of Georgia residing abroad who has ever had a Georgian passport or id card, or has at least once been registered in the electronic database of the Public Service development agency, may obtain a passport of the citizen of Georgia without submitting an id card;

2. On the basis of the power of attorney, issued by a Georgian citizen residing abroad, an authorized person can submit the application to any territorial office of the Public Service development agency, branch of the Public Service Hall, or a Community Centre. On such occasions, a passport of a Georgian citizen is issued either on the 5th or 10th working day, depending on a service fee paid;

3. Through online services of the Public Service Development Agency, an application for obtaining a Georgian passport may be filled in from anywhere (outside Georgia) where internet is available. An applicant shall visit the website of the Public Service development agency: and in addition to filling in the application, shall make a video call to an operator. The Skype account of the service is Via the distance service, a passport of a citizen of Georgia is issued within 2 working days provided that all necessary documents are submitted.

Note: Via an authorised representative, a Georgian citizen residing abroad can obtain a biometric passport using the distance service, only if s/he has already obtained a biometric passport at least once, in which case the Public Service development agency can reuse the biometric data collected on the person before.

When using the distance service, an applicant may choose a preferred form of the delivery of the passport issued:

  • Delivery by mail;
  • Designate a third person while filing an application who will receive the document in Georgia.

Detailed instructions on using the distance service to obtain a Georgian passport can be found on the website:

The Public Service Development Agency’s distance services operate for 24 hours 7 days a week. The services can be reached through the internet and by telephone: +995 322 401 010. Additional information about a distance issuance of the Georgian passport is available on the websites:;

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